Story Board Maker

Requires: 386DX33 or better PC with Windows 3.1 or better, at least 8 MB RAM (40 recommended) and 25 MB free drive space (100 MB recommended). PK Unzip or Win ZIP to extract files.

Designed for use in film and video production by writers, producers, art directors, production designers, cinematographers, directors, special effects teams and editors. Using custom artwork saved as 16 or 256 color, uncompressed Windows bit maps (BMP) or clip art from a variety of sources saved or converted to uncompressed BMP file form. You add dialog or direction for each image frame. Select your image frame using the file selector. It will then run a slide show of your image and text (directions or dialog) or print the entire file to 8 x 11 landscape using any lazer or ink jet printer. Shareware version has limitations. Upgrade provides for multiple file names, a second printing open in "comic book" type format with six frames per page. You can also print partial files with the upgrade. Click here to download (5 - 7 minutes) 600 KB

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