Instant Visual Basic

ERD Productions

Takes the absolute novice from launch of Visual BASIC (almost any subset) through a first programming example in a few minutes. Teachs you math operators in BASIC and how to build forms with simple controls.

Advanced chapters show how to import and embed OCX and DLL controls from the VB library of files. You build a multi-media program that displays any picture on your hard drive, along with a detailed algorithm (mini-program) that sizes the picture to fit a designated area. You also learn how to play music, videos files and to record an audio WAVE file then save it to disk.

The next chapter teaches graphics by building a small paint program that does free-hand drawing, creates lines, squares and circles, then saves to disk.

A chapter on building programs with multiple forms and parent-child forms comes next, showing how to communicate between forms and objects.

The final chapters look at major string (text) and numeric operators found in Visual BASIC. These chapters include code that shows you how to parse (find a word inside of a group of words) or make a "find and replace" routine.

Virtual download in PDF format of 1.3 Mb file with pictures. $8.00

CD-R version with code, etc. $12.00

$17 U.S. outside North America (includes insured air mail shipping).

Or send Money Order or Certified Check (no personal checks) to:

Earl R. Dingman
211 4th Street
Troy, NY 12180 USA

Allow 4 weeks for CDR copy. Allow 4 - 8 weeks for hard copy.

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