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Ought Medal: Create web pages by push button under Windows
Small Business Manager: Home Business Data Base and General Ledger
On Line Time and Charges: Keep track of elapsed time and charges
Program Launcher: Launch programs you select by push button
HTML to TEXT for DOS : Removes HTML tags and creates DOS .TXT file
Story Board Maker: Makes story boards for film and video projects
HTM TXT for Windows: Windows edition HTM TXT Converter!
CD-R Jewel Case Cover Creator Index your CDs, Make Custom Covers in moments!
Diet Calculator Shows calories, carbs, protiens and helps you keep running total of intake.

Electronic Books in Adobe PDF Format

Totally BASIC Check out a sample chapter of our E-Book Programming Reference in BASIC!
Copyrights-Trademarks-Patents An E-Book complete with forms, rules and procedures.
How To Publish Your Own Book An E-Book covering print, promotion, marketing, e-books, distribution, etc.
Graphics and Animation in Basic An E-Book covering rudimentary animation in QBASIC and similar subsets, etc.
Instant Visual Basic An E-Book that teaches you Visual Basic fundamentals in minutes and takes you to intermediate levels.

Earl Dingman

211 4th Street
Troy NY 12180
United States

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