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The set above is of commercial magazine layouts. The upper row is from the SAME issue of OMNI and the bottom row from the SAME issue of PREMIER. Note how varied the layouts are. Also note there are few side bars, which is typical of a P-zine. In picture 1, top left there is a side bar and that is the MASTHEAD for OMNI saying that Guccioni is the publisher and this guy is the editor and Jacoby and Meyers is their lawyer and you can reach their lawyers at any Sears....

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Refer to the two layout images. I realize they are small, so bear with me...

In Krista's layout (#2) it's a lot like the OMNI Masthead or like the SIDEBAR I put into mine (#9) after I got influenced by her. Krista is using a fixed tool from Homestead and the code is impossible to work with because it refers back to HOMESTEAD files for making the sidebar and such, so we'd have to re-construct this, which is no big problem.

The questions and confusion comes largely from her layout and the columns. I didn't do columns as I mentioned because one person had a problem with them -- with good reason. To use a column you read down, scroll down then scroll back up and read the next column. That might be pain. We'll have to kick that around, for originally I was thinking like Krista thought, until someone fudged about it and it made me think about the problems with columns in a WEB page. Maybe there isn't a problem.

If you take a look at hers on the left top and mine on the right top you see that except for that PURPLE sidebar and the columns they are roughly much alike. As mentioned the columns may pose a reading problem and a floating problem. I haven't worked with the code yet and Krista is not a coder. She's working in a tool, being an Art Director. A coder would take her work and make it do things, which is the way it should be! Art Director and Programmer.

If you look at 2 On the far left is her page as it scrolls in 1028 format, next to it is how it looks in 800 x 600 format. How many people other than me use this, I don't know but not it doesn't float. So you have to scroll sideways to see the whole page in a smaller resolution, such as Web TV.

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To stick with the side bar as in hers and make it work, that would probably have to be a fixed size, because it would be used for the contents and that requires either buttons or an area map. for an area map it must be fixed in pixels and not floating or percentages. This concept is based on Yahoo, which you see below her layout. Yahoo at 1028 and yahoo at 800. (#4). The left side area map stays the same size while the right side text area floats. We would have to do the same thing. which would be a fixed 25% or so of the screen. This, however, would solve the problem of buttons on the page, maybe. This would be the contents page visible on every story and article. A person need only click a button and the page would come up on the right side. But it means with the ads the we really cramp in the text in some places, which is not bad. but in 800 x 600 it will get a little cramped in there. I could live with it. but it would be down to a single column of text.

Without the side bar we get two larger columns or even three columns. But we have to have the buttons to move HOME and go page to page.

Remember, not all browsers (but at least 90%) support FRAMESETS so anyone with a really old browser won't be able to use the site at all without direction buttons or links ON THE ACTUAL PAGE. Again, we are talking 10% or less people. Possibly only 2%.

Also notice that in 4 and 6 of the PZine layouts up on the very top picture that 4 is centered with just a few lines of text, like one of our poems may be and 6 is straight across text, no columns. Also not how the display ads work in 7 and 9 and how in 8 white text is put over the picture. This, however, will take time to load in a browser and may not be a great idea.

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In #7 of our layouts below there is the traditional CONTENTS page if we don't use the sidebar (and possibly even if we do) which lists everything and sends the user to a link. The plus point with a contents or HOME PAGE is that users go back and forth and this would be good for an expensive display ad. Just being practical. with the side bar it would only ads inside articles and stores and none would have a big ticket. Of course we may not get a big ticket sale either, with makes it moot.

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The point that still has to be tackled is ARE WE PUTTING A LOG ON TOP OF EACH PAGE (#15). Are we going with a SIDEBAR or FRAMESET on each page. As for columns. We can do some with and some without, as you can see from the Omni spread in the top group.

All these aspects and layouts are legitimate. In any event there is going to be a trade-off as nothing is perfect. We can have a graphical sidebar or FRAMESET, but it may have to be constructed slightly different and may no longer be as aesthetically appealing. Or we can keep it as is but it may have to be a fixed size. We can forget this option and just go with plain pages adding elements like side bars as required. We can go with a full line across, which may be hard to read also. We can add side margins to the line and shrink it and put it in the center (such as how Reuters does it in the top center example on our layout). We can do two columns, possibly even three columns. Columns, however, may have an effect on the size of ads. We haven't fully experimented with table based columns to see if they can be fixed in percentage. We can keep the top logo bar, but we do lose working space for the articles, stories, etc. We can move it to a less obtrusive location. Shrink it in size. If other talented people put their thinking to it possibilities other than those we already see or can extrapolate may also be possible, so as with the NAME, people keep doodling and post an alternative layout and maybe other new ideas may come.