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An e-book with over 1500 pages, containing 12,000 words of original annotation covering international and U.S. policy on these subjects, with examples and case law studies.

Covers and explains topics a lot of other references donít, including division of rights, joint ownership, royalties, mandatory deposits, scope of protection, compliance with U.S. laws, etc.

Lean how to protect band or act names. Learn how to copyright two dozen songs for a single fee.

Includes sample forms you can use to file Copyrights with instructions.

Includes Text of Patent Laws and Forms.

Includes Trademark Rules and Procedures.

International Conventions and Treaties including PCT Regulations.

Complete 2003 Fees for Copyrights, Recordation of Documents, Federal Patents and Trademarks.

Written by a film, video and music producer who has worked with both ASCAP and BMI publishing companies.

$7.50 U.S. in PDF Electronic Document Format.
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