Welcome to the first edition of ISSUES magazine! Thanks for visiting us!

Whether you've just stumbled across our site by chance or come as a die-hard reader wanting to know more about the world, ISSUES magazine is dedicated to YOU!

It is our mission to bring you prevalent, worldwide news on a variety of topics, ranging from Entertainment, Science & Technology, Politics & Current Events, Travel, Fashion and more! We've even supplied you with the ultimate opportunity to state your piece (soapbox provided) with our Rants & Opinions column.

We desire to bring you down-to-earth news and resources you can use. Up-to-date, emerging ideas and trends. Insightful commentaries and provacative writing from different perspectives. Plus in-depth coverage of compelling people and issues that affect YOU...in this, we bring you the best of our world!

So, sit back and have a look around. Feel free to contact us and tell us what you like and what you don't like. Fill us in on what you're dying to know more about and we'll do our best to make it happen. Throughout our ISSUES, you'll find polls or questionnaires and we invite you to participate in each and every one of them.

So here's to 2001 and may this year be a worldwide learning experience for us all!

The Editors
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