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Graphics & Animation in BASIC

ERD Productions

Teaches rudimentary animation techniques similar to those used in "Pac Man" type games in DOS equipped computers. Some of the code may be adapted to run in Visual BASIC or on other platforms such as Amiga in Amiga BASIC.

While the book is designed for someone with a fundamental knowledge of BASIC programming on an introductory level, this book does contain a very simple Primer on BASIC programming followed by a concise history of animation, graphics, cartoons, television, film animation, photography, the persistance of vision, primitive computer animation with a short character based animation lession that can run on most any computer with code and conversions.

Next the book looks at animation using primitives such as line and circle tools, followed by blitter animation using PUT and GET graphics functions. A quick look at simple 3-D light graphics using shading and optical tricks to fool the brain into seeing rounded objects. Finally game strategy is explored with examples from existing games. The last chapter details the strategy, design and full code for a simple arcade game in the era of "Pac Man" game styles.

QuickTime MOV examples are included in the book. Code and free running EXE files are included that will run in the shareware program FIRST BASIC or in Quick BASIC. With modification this code will also run in Amiga BASIC, Hi Soft BASIC for Amiga and Atari ST or VIP BASIC for the Macintosh.

Virtual download of ZIP w/PDF and code $10.00

CD-R version with code, etc. $15.00

$20 U.S. outside North America (includes insured air mail shipping).

Or send Money Order or Certified Check (no personal checks) to:

Earl R. Dingman
211 4th Street
Troy, NY 12180 USA

Allow 4 weeks for CDR copy. Allow 4 - 8 weeks for hard copy.

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